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Softener / Lubricator
General Guide

Ben Soft A Plus is specially developed and formulated emulsified softening agent, which is softening the yarn as well as lubricant. It is made from 100% fatty amid (Tallow)


Package and Storage

  • 150 Kg in strong plastic drum with heavy polythene bags in it.
  • Shelf life of BCB PLUS is one year kept with original closed content packing.
  • Storage in a condition of low temperature and water-proofed is preferred.


  • The main purpose of Ben Soft A Plus is to provide the size film softness and lubricant without injuring its adhesiveness.
  • It is dispersible lubricant with high lubricating properties, hence does not separate in size box, even very thin sizing formulation which is used in heavy density fabrics.
  • It should be used in cooking tank in the weight of 5% to 8% of the weight of solid ingredients use in formula.
  • It cab be vary according to the yarn count and construction of the fabric.
  • It has de-foaming properties and, hence there will be no foaming in the cooking tank and in size box.
  • It is very economical and result oriented lubricant and softener as well, compatible with all size formula additives currently are in use.


  • Ben Soft A Plus may be used in cotton yarn, which also used in 100% polyester, Fine count and soft twist yarn, now days it also used in towel weaving units.
  • Soft A Plus can be used in the combination of all kind of sizing formulation but its ratio may be vary according to type of yarn to be sized and upon the quality of thread to run and also depends on fabric construction.
  • It has softening properties after sizing it can be used for the softness of the yarn and hence one can reduce the quantity of softening agent used in formulation.
  • It is the best sizing agent for high squeezing sizing machines.

Safety Precaution for Handling

  • Wash hand thoroughly with fresh water after using the chemical.

  • Always use safety spectacle / safety glasses.

  • Always use Rubber Gloves of fine quality.

  • Let try to make vomit if swallowed it and contact to your nearest physician.

  • It is non flammable but avoid keeping in an environmental exceeding 50c Temperature.

  • Use safety and comfort shoes during drum handling.

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