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Multifunctional Binding Agent
General Guide

Ben Size BCB PLUS is a kind of adhesive and 100% soluble Acrylic base binding agent with multifunction for sizing cotton, rayon yarn and other. It may partially or totally use in combination of any kind of starch develops of cellulosic fiber and polyester/cellulosic fiber blend.


Package and Storage

  • 150 Kg in strong plastic drum with heavy polythene bags in it.
  • Shelf life of BCB PLUS is one year kept with original closed content packing.
  • Storage in a condition of low temperature and water-proofed is preferred.


  • The multifunctional sizes synthesized with high-tech addition’s, used in thin or heavy fabric processing.
  • Its slurry even and stable which is needed for high sizing quality.
  • Improvement of film property which reduces the hairiness in splitting and sheathes the yarn body.
  • Its membrane behaves with high strength, smooth abrasion, and good elongation.
  • Complete solution in water and easily be de-sized.
  • It developed to use in combination with any kind of starch and have an excellent adhesive power when using with starch it reduce the starch viscosity.
  • It penetrates right through the core of yarn and gives super strength to the yarn due to its thin viscosity.
  • It creates thin, strong and adhesive film around the yarns which gives stable strength to yarn to easy run in weaving and increase the weaving efficiency as well.


  • Ben Size BCB PLUS may be used in Ring slub yarn, which also used in Denim, Fine count in wider width fabric like O.E yarn and soft twist yarn, now a days it also used in towel weaving units.
  • BCB can be used in combination with all kinds of starches. Ratio of starch to BCB PLUS can be 4:1 (four part of starch one part of BCB PLUS) but it can be vary according to type of yarn to be sized and fabric construction.
  • It also has softening properties after sizing it can be used for the softness of the yarn and hence one can reduce the quantity of softening agent used in formulation.
  • It is the best binding agent for high squeezing sizing machines.

Safety Precaution for Handling

  • Wash hand thoroughly with fresh water after using the chemical.
  • Always use safety spectacle / safety glasses.
  • Always use Rubber Gloves of fine quality.
  • Let try to make vomit if swallowed it and contact to your nearest physician.
  • It is non flammable but avoid keeping in an environmental exceeding 50c Temperature.
  • Use safety and comfort shoes during drum handling.


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